Italian Program

Program Coordinator: Olivia Albiero,
Undergraduate Adviser: Olivia Albiero,
Graduate Adviser: Olivia Albiero,

If you are interested in studying Italian, you should definitely consider enrolling at San Francisco State University. We offer the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts in Italian. For a student who wishes to combine language study with another discipline, there is also a minor to consider. All courses beyond the first year are taught by experienced professors who hold either a Ph.D. or an Italian doctorate. Even first-year courses are conducted by them, with the assistance of qualified teaching assistants.

The number of students in our classes is such that each student receives individual attention. Instructors are always ready to help.

The Italian program offers a comprehensive background in literature, linguistics, culture and civilization. These aspects, combined with constant practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening, give students broad educational experience, while a degree in Italian also prepares one for a specialized career.

Many people study Italian in order to become teachers, but those enrolled in other disciplines have found Italian useful as well. It is particularly pertinent to studies in Music, Art, Cinema, Archeology, International Relations, History, Business and Comparative Literature. At the same time, many are interested in Italian because of the cultural enrichment it offers. The study of Italian can be especially rewarding for those of Italian heritage.

All regularly enrolled, full-time students of the San Francisco Consortium may register in a course offered by our program if the desired course is not offered at their home institutions. Applications for cross registration are available at the SFSU Registrar's Office.

All regularly enrolled students may spend a year at the California International Programs’ Center in Florence or at University of Pavia, where they can pursue their studies in Italian or other fields, receive credit and enjoy some free time to travel.

A number of scholarships are offered only for undergraduate and graduate students through either the Italian program or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Teaching assistantships are also available for graduate students to teach lower-division classes. A maximum of two courses per semester may be taught.


Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.

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B.A. in Italian

The Italian major consists of 30 units of upper-division coursework. Up to 14 units of lower division coursework or demonstrated language proficiency is required for the major.

Minor in Italian

The Minor in Italian consists of 17 course units, including 14 units of core requirements and 3 units of electives in Italian.

Career Opportunities (Italian)

  • Interpreters (legal, medical, business, political)
  • Translators (legal, medical, business, political)
  • Education (at university, college, high-school level; tutoring)

External Resources (Italian)

Here is a list of helpful links to museums, literature, newpapers, music, sports, radio, cooking, search engines, translators and more.

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