The Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships

The Center for the Advancement of the Teaching of Japanese Language and Culture at San Francisco State University and the Japanese program invite applications for the 2001 Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships. Full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in the Japanese program are encouraged to apply.

The scholarships were established in 1998 with the generous donations from the estate of Professor Toshiko Mishima (Japanese program coordinator 1966 – 1996).

Number and Amount of Scholarships to Be Awarded: Three $600.00 scholarships (One for a lower-division undergraduate student, one for an upper-division undergraduate student, and one for a graduate student).

Eligibility: Applicants should be full-time SF State students who enroll in both fall and spring semesters to major in Japanese.

Application Deadline: TBA.

Application Procedure: Submit the following documents to the director of the Center for the Advancement of the Teaching of Japanese Language and Culture c/o the coordinator of the Japanese Program.

  1. A double-spaced, two-page essay (in English for the lower-division students; in Japanese for the upper-division & graduate students) describing the applicant's academic, personal, and/or professional achievements and goals as well as the ways in which the Japanese studies contribute to the applicant's life and his/her (present and/or future) work for the community.
  2. A copy of the applicant's SFSU transcript (an unofficial transcript printed from the university's web page is acceptable) including the grades earned in the fall semester. Highlight all the Japanese courses listed with a marker pen.

Recipients of the Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships in the Past: 1998-1999: Robert Beckley (undergraduate); Wing Yan Wong (undergraduate); Emi Fujiyama (graudate) 1999-2000: Merit Ma (undergraduate); Yoko Katagiri (graduate)