Student Resources

Steps to Graduation

Final steps that need to be taken for undegraduate students to complete their degree.

Campus Resources

A list of campus resources related to advising, programs, basic needs and more.

Advising Resource Center

The College of Liberal & Creative Arts established the student Advising Resource Center (ARC) to provide multiple support services to students. You can receive information regarding requirements for your degree, petitions, financial aid, tutoring, student clubs, events, careers and much more.

Advising Resource Center


There are many department, college and University-wide scholarships available to our undergraduate and graduate students.

Study Abroad

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages study abroad through the California State University’s Study Abroad Programs and San Francisco State University’s bilateral exchange programs.

Resources and Links

Resources available for our students include the Modern Language Laboratory, Graduate Reading Room, Chinese Reading Room, Toshiko Mishima Memorial Tea Room, and Persian Studies Center. The department also offers serveral links to helpful websites relating to your program of study.