SLI Translation Program

Strategic Languages Initiative (SLI) Certificate Program in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation

The Strategic Language Initiative (SLI) at San Francisco State University, part of the California State University Strategic Language Initiative Consortium, offers a certificate program in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, which aims to impart professional translation/interpreting skills and enhance language proficiency in students with advanced-level Chinese proficiency. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students with native or near-native proficiency in both Chinese and English language committed to receiving professional translator/interpreter training alongside the pursuit of their course of study.

The program consists of training modules both at the home campus and abroad. To be eligible for the SLI Certificate of Completion, students must:

  1. complete at least 6 units of coursework in translation and/or interpretation on the home campus;
  2. complete (via Study Abroad) 12 units of graduate-level coursework in translation and/or interpretation at the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation at National Taiwan Normal University;
  3. complete a translation project with the approval of the SLI director; and
  4. achieve superior level or higher in the ACTFL/ILR Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

1. Home Campus Coursework (6) – choose from

  • CHIN 411 Media Chinese (3)
  • CHIN 881 Translation (3)
  • CHIN 882 Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation (3)
  • CHIN 883 Advanced Translation and Interpretation (3)

2. Study Abroad Coursework (12)

3. Translation Project

  • Prior approval required
  • Project may double as undergraduate Culminating Experience or as one subject test in graduate Culminating Experience

4. Oral Proficiency Interview

  • Must achieve superior level or higher

Note that the SF State  Strategic Language Initiative Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation is a mid-level translator/interpreter training program which seeks to impart aspects of Chinese-English translation and interpretation theory and techniques to the novice learner. It is not a translator/interpreter certification program; nor is it a credentialing program for teachers of Chinese language and/or translation/interpretation.