Minor in Spanish

The Spanish minor consists of up to 14 units of lower-division and from 9 to 15 units of upper-division coursework. Students must complete the lower-division sequence -- or the equivalent -- prior to beginning upper-division coursework. The program may waive some or all lower-division requirements if the student demonstrates appropriate competency through advising, by taking the placement test, or by having taken the equivalent coursework elsewhere. Regardless of placement, however, students must pass a minimum of 15 units to successfully complete the minor; this might involve taking more upper-division electives. Students should meet with an advisor or take the placement test prior to enrolling in their first Spanish class. To take the online placement test, contact the Spanish program coordinator at mhammer@sfsu.edu


Lower Division Foundation (up to 14 units)

SPAN 101 and 102 are four-unit classes and are designed for students who have had no previous formal training in Spanish and are not native speakers. These classes emphasize the four basic language skills, understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.
The second-year sequence (SPAN 205 and 206) reviews and expands upon the principles learned in SPAN 101 and 102. Second-year courses are 3 units each.
Heritage speakers of Spanish (students who speak Spanish at home but who may not have had any formal training) are encouraged to enroll in SPAN 215 (a class designed for students who are heritage speakers of Spanish but who may have little formal training.--students who pass this class are considered to have met all lower-division requirements) upon advisement. They should in general, choose courses no lower than SPAN 205.
  • SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 205: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 206: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 215: Spanish for Heritage Speakers1


Required Core Courses (6 units)

  • SPAN 301 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3)
  • SPAN 341 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)

Electives in the Minor (3-9 units)

  • SPAN 305: Advanced composition
  • SPAN 316: Spanish for Health Care
  • SPAN 326: Morphology and Syntax
  • SPAN 350: Practical and Literary Translation
  • SPAN 371GW: History of Spanish (NOTE: SPAN 371 satisfies the University’s GWAR requirement. Students who satisfy the GWAR requirement with a different class may use SPAN 371 as an elective.)
  • SPAN 521: Medieval and Renaissance Spanish literature
  • SPAN 523: Nineteenth Century  Spanish literature
  • SPAN 525: 20th Century Spanish  literature
  • SPAN 543: Spanish American literature Romanticism to Modernism
  • SPAN 545: 20th Century Spanish  American literature
  • SPAN 562: Don Quixote
  • SPAN 580: Hispanic Women  Writers

Total: 15-23 units


Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.