Minor in Russian

The Russian minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with an understanding of the language, literature and culture of Russia. Mediating between East and West, Russia has charted its own course, often challenging the preconceptions of others while playing a major geopolitical role and giving rise to some of the greatest cultural products and scientific achievements of modern times. The leading member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Russia spans 11 time zones and provides a common language for peoples of the former Soviet Union. Russia has the world's 10th largest economy and is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a member of the G8, G20, the Council of Europe, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, etc. It is an influential power with continued international ambitions and vast natural resources. The Russian language is spoken by 280 million people worldwide. It is one of the six United Nations official languages. In addition to its inherent intellectual challenges, the minor will be useful to students planning careers in International Relations, International Business and Finance, the Foreign Service, Humanities and Education. For additional information, please contact the Program advisor or your instructors.


To satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Russian, 21 upper-division units must be completed.
Generally, this follows 10 units of Basic Language Acquisition (RUSS 101-102). The lower-division courses (RUSS 101-103) are required for students lacking basic proficiency in the language.
For students with previous training in Russian or with native or adequate knowledge of the language, these lower-division courses can be waived.


Minor in Russian - 21 Units

Lower-Division Courses (Basic Language Aquisition)

RUSS 101 - First Semester Russian (5*)
RUSS 102 - Second Semester Russian (5*)
RUSS 103 - Third Semester Russian (5)

Core Upper-Division Courses

RUSS 305 - Advanced Grammar and Composition (3)
RUSS 307 - Advanced Reading and Composition (3)
RUSS 401 - Russian Culture and Civilization (3)
RUSS 511 - Russian Literature I (3)

Three Upper-Division Electives (on advisement)

RUSS 301 - Reading and Grammar (3)
RUSS 306 - Advanced Conversation and Composition (3)
RUSS 308 - Stylistics and Composition (3)
RUSS 340 - Readings in Russian Press (3)
RUSS 390 - Business Russian (3)
RUSS 590 - Topics in Russian Literature and Linguistics (3)
RUSS 600 - Contemporary Russian Literature (3)
RUSS 610 - Dostoevsky in English (3)
RUSS 611 - Chekhov's Plays in English (3)
RUSS 612 - Gothic Elements in Russian Literature (in English) (3)
RUSS 613 - The Russian Novel: Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol (in English) (3)
RUSS 685 - 20th Century Theorists: Bakhtin (3)
RUSS 690 - 20th Century Russian Literary Theory (3)
HUM 375 - Biography of a City: St. Petersburg (3), Moscow (3)
* Does not count towards the minor, but may be applied to GE/ Segment II graduation requirements.
** Other Upper-Division courses not listed here, including courses taken in other institutions.


Beginning and advanced courses in Russian language are offered to native Russian speakers interested in reclaiming, developing, and maintaining their primary language. Please contact us to schedule a placement test.