M.A. in Italian

The Master of Arts in Italian program stresses the study of literature and culture. We emphasize Italianistica (Italian Studies), and individual authors from the Middle Ages to the present. The history of Italian literature is taught through linguistic and thematic development in relation to larger European and extra-European contexts. Close textual analysis that includes the study of stylistics, rhetoric, semantics and syntax are a part of graduate seminars, but courses naturally provide useful background knowledge related to topics in art, history, music and philosophy. The M.A. program requires students to deepen their knowledge of genres and literary periods, which they undertake in courses taught in Italian. This fact enables them to reach superior language competency in spoken and written Italian. Many of our graduates teach in secondary schools and community colleges or continue their studies for the Ph.D.


Admission to the Program

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a B.A. in Italian or its equivalent. Those without this degree may be admitted conditionally and asked to complete additional units in consultation with the graduate advisor.
Apply to the Masters Program in Italian  through the Department of Graduate Studies' online application page. Applicants must fill out an online application form and upload various documents. Documents to be uploaded may include: analytical statements of purpose (500 words) in Italian and English, unofficial transcripts for all colleges and universities attended, your CV/resume, writing samples, GRE test score record, and other required documention. International students may also need to upload English language testing scores. 
In addition, please send directly to the Italian Program two (2) letters of recommendation. Send letters to:
Italian Program Graduate Advisor
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

Italian (M.A.) — Minimum 30 units

Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated.

Graduate Seminars in Italian with course number 880 (15 units)


Graduate Seminars or Paired Graduate courses (6 units)
in Italian Literature from among the following

  • ITAL 800 Italian Literature on Film in English
  • ITAL 850 The Italian Theatre
  • ITAL 870 Italian Women Writers--13th to 20th Centuries
  • ITAL 881 Divina Comedy
  • MLL 780    Topics in Romance and German Languages and Literatures
Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.

Upper division undergraduate courses (9 units)

Paired courses or graduate courses in Italian or related disciplines with approval of graduate major advisor.
And Master's Comprehensive Written and Oral Examinations*
A maximum of 6 units may be taken in English.
A maximum of 9 units transferred from CSU approved study-abroad programs may count toward the M.A. if taken as upper-division undergraduate units or graduate-level units.
* Students are admitted to the oral examination upon passing the written examination. Both examinations may be attempted not more than twice.
In order to meet the University’s exit requirement for written English, M.A. students will be asked to enroll in MLL 701: Seminar in Academic Writing and Research Methodology before taking their Master’s Comprehensive Written and Oral Examinations.