M.A. in Chinese with Teaching Credential Pathway

In order to meet the growing demand for Chinese-English bilingual education in California and across the United States, the Chinese Program has partnered with the Graduate College of Education to create a pathway for students to obtain a Masters Degree in Chinese followed by a California Teaching Credential.

Students admitted into the Chinese Masters Degree + Teaching Credential pathway spend their first year completing the Masters Degree in Chinese, during which time they are assisted in obtaining the qualifications needed to enter the Teaching Credential Program. These required qualifications include (1) the C-Best examination; (2) the C-SET examination; (3) 45 hours of early field experience, all of which must be completed before the student can be admitted into the Teaching Credential Program. 

Three options are available for the Chinese Masters + Teaching Credential pathway:

  • M.A. in Chinese only (30 units, 2-5 semesters, depending on the number of transferring units and whether full-time or part time)
  • M.A. in Chinese  (2 semesters) + Multiple-subject credential with bilingual authorization (2 or 3 semesters)
  • M.A. in Chinese (2 semesters) + Single-subject credential (World Language) (2 semesters)

Completion of the M.A. degree in Chinese allows the graduate to seek employment as instructors at the college/university level or in K-12 level private schools, as well as apply for entry into doctoral programs. Completion of the Teaching Credential qualifies the graduate to teach Chinese language in public K-12 schools.

For course requirements for the Masters Degree in Chinese, see the M.A. Degree Advancement to Candidacy page.

Learn more about the Chinese M.A. Program at San Francisco State University.


Download sample roadmaps for the Chinese Masters + Teaching Credential pathway in the following languages: