B.A. in Japanese

The Japanese major consists of 45 units of lower and upper division coursework.
Upper-division courses in Japanese are generally conducted in Japanese, and students are expected to use Japanese in their speaking, reading, and writing.

Writing in the Major:

Students must complete the University’s GWAR requirement by taking MLL 400GW, CWL 400GW, HUM 300GW, or COMM 562GW on advisement.

Complementary Studies

Required of all candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese are 12 units of complementary studies, which must come from courses bearing a prefix other than JAPN, and not cross-listed with JAPN. Complementary Studies for the Japanese major can be satisfied via four possible routes: (1) 12 units in any foreign language other than Japanese (may include FLL-prefixed courses); (2) 12 units of course work taken as partial completion of a second major or minor; (3) 12 units of course work taken in an approved study abroad program (including CSU Study Abroad and SF State Bilateral); (4) 12 units of course work in related disciplines with the prior approval of a Japanese Program advisor. Related disciplines typically include (but are not limited to) linguistics, literature, humanities, philosophy, history, art, theatre arts, anthropology, education, international relations, international business, and any aspect of East Asia or Asian Americans.
Where a course with a non-JAPN prefix (and not cross-listed with JAPN) is taken as a core requirement or elective for the Japanese major, the said course may also count towards complementary studies (i.e., double-counting allowed).


Japanese (B.A.) — 45 units

Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses (39 units)

  • JAPN 101 First Semester Japanese
  • JAPN 102 Second Semester Japanese
  • JAPN 103 Third Semester Japanese
  • JAPN 250 Individualized Study of Kanji: Level 1
  • JAPN 301 Japanese Conversation
  • JAPN 302 Japanese Reading and Grammar
  • JAPN 250 Individualized Study of Kanji: Level 2
  • JAPN 305 Advanced Conversation and Composition I or JAPN 306 Advanced Conversation and Composition II
  • JAPN 309 Advanced Readings in Japanese
  • MLL 325 Linguistics for Foreign Languages
  • JAPN 401 Topics in Japanese Culture
  • JAPN 510 Modern Japanese Literature


Upper division electives (6 units)

on advisement
Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.
Note: A minimum of 40 upper division units must be completed for the degree (including upper division units required for the major, general education, electives, etc.). A student can complete this major yet not attain the necessary number of upper division units required for graduation. In this case additional upper division courses will be needed to reach the required total.