5TH OCHA ZANMAI: 2018 San Francisco Int'l Conference on Chanoyu & Tea Culture

Sunday, April 29 - 8:45 am
Humanities Auditorium (HUM 133), San Francisco State University
"Gion Festival Tenshin" photo credit: Mr. Larry Tiscornia [祇園祭点心」写真提供:ラリー・ティスコーニア氏

5th Ocha Zanmai

2018 San Francisco International Conference on 

Chanoyu and Tea Culture


Sunday, April 29, 2018
08:50 AM to 06:00 PM
Humanities Building, San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132, U.S.A.

Conference Program (tentative)

カンファレンス プログラム



Food Culture of Chanoyu: Tea, Confections, and Kaiseki Cuisine

テーマ: 茶の湯の食文化:茶・和菓子・懐石/会席料理

The official language of this conference is English.  Consecutive English interpretation is provided for presentations made in Japanese.
Japanese-English Interpreter: Maiko Behr
Technical and Floor Director: Masahiko Minami, San Francisco State University
Facility and Technical Support
College of Liberal & Creative Arts' Team of Specialists: 
Kirk Schaible, Aaron Benn, Ariel Morales and assistants
Open to Public 一般公開
8:20  Registration Desk Opens 受付開始 Main Lobby, Humanities Building
Morning Registration Chief: Yoko Otomi, Conference Associate, San Francisco State University
Afternoon Registration Chief: Seiko Kosaka, Conference Associate, San Francisco State University

Morning Session 午前の部

Humanities Auditorium (HUM 133)
Chair: Stephen Roddy, University of San Francisco
8:55-9:00 Opening Remarks 開会の辞         HUM 133
Steven Roddy, Conference Co-Chair, University of San Francisco
9:00-9:05 Welcome Address 歓迎のご挨拶         HUM 133
Andrew Harris, Dean, College of Liberal & Creative Arts, San Francisco State University
Charles Egan, Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, San Francisco State University
9:05-9:35 Research Presentation (English)       研究発表(英語)                                   HUM 133
"Through thick and thin: making koicha and usucha"
Paul Ganir, Stanford University 
スタンフォード大学 ポール・ガニール氏
9:35-10:35 Lecture (English) 講演 (英語)                                                             HUM 133
"Drink to your health:  The science of tea"     
Robert M. Hackman, Research Nutritionist, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis
健康ドリンク お茶の科学
カリフォルニア大学デービス校栄養学部 リサーチ栄養学者 ロバートM. ハックマン博士
10:35-10:45 Break
10:45-12:15 Lecture (in Japanese with English interpreting) 講演 (日本語:英語通訳付)       HUM 133
"From Shinto Ritual to Tea Meal: The Evolution of Kaiseki Cuisine"
Tamaki Yano, Professor, Graduate School of Culture and Information Science, Doshisha University
同志社大学 文化情報科学大学院教授 矢野環博士
12:15-12:20 Welcome Address歓迎のご挨拶          HUM 133
Dean Andrew Harris, College of Liberal & Creative Arts, San Francisco State University
12:10-12:15 Address of Thanks and Business Announcements           HUM 133
Midori McKeon, Conference Organizer, San Francisco State University
12:25-12:30 Group Photo Session            HUM 133
Audience, please remain seated; pictures are taken from the stage.
12:30-13:50 Lunch Break 昼休み
13:00-13:30 Matcha Tea Service  呈茶 (HUM 587)
Free for all conference attendees (無料)
Tea Session Chief: Kyoko Suda, University of San Francisco
Special confection "Mineral Fruit" 
made by our guest speaker and professional confectioner Ms. Sayoko Sugiyama 
will be served with 
a bowl of matcha green tea "Tamanoshiro" from Ito Ryuouen Cha Ho, Kyoto Japan.
講師のお菓子作家 杉山早陽子氏がお作りになった 創作菓子「鉱物の実」を

Afternoon Session 午後の部

13:45-13:50 Welcome Address 歓迎のご挨拶
Christopher Weinberger, Executive Director, Dilena Takeyama Center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture
13:50-14:50 Lecture (English) 講演 (英語)        HUM 133
PowerPoint Lecture: "Practical Application of Kaiseki Cuisine in Chanoyu"
Larry Sokyo Tiscornia, Executive Director, Chado Urasenke Tankokai San Francisco Association
茶道裏千家淡交会サンフランシスコ協会 幹事長 ラリー 宗橋 ティスコーニア氏
14:50-15:00 Break (Move to HUM 587 on the 5th floor)   休憩  (5階のHUM 587号室に移動)
15:00-16:00 Kaiseki Cuisine Demonstration (English with some Japanese)         HUM 587
Kentaro Tsuda, Owner of Tokyo Chikuyotei with
Chef Yuji Ogino from Chikuyotei at Nishinomiya and Chef Masayoshi Yamashita from Chikuyotei at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka
Demonstration Support: Masako Shimizu, University of California, Berkeley
東京竹葉亭オーナー 津田兼太郎氏
竹葉亭西宮店料理長 荻野祐司氏、竹葉亭大阪リーガロイヤルホテル店料理長 山下正芳氏
デモンストレーション支援:カリフォルニア大学バークレー校 清水真佐子氏 
16:00-16:15 Break
16:15-17:45 Lecture and Demonstration (in Japanese with English interpreting)            HUM 587
講演と簡単なデモンストレーション (日本語: 英語通訳付)
Wagashi Past and Present: The Continuing History of Traditional Japanese Confectionery
Sayoko Sugiyama, Confectioner for Okashimaru, Kyoto, Japan
京都の和菓子作家 杉山早陽子氏(屋号御菓子丸)
17:45-17:50: RAFFLE DRAWING  お菓子が当たる籤引き          HUM 587
Five lucky winners will win a special sweet made by Ms. Sayoko Sugiyama. Please check your red raffle ticket in your registration envelope. Everyone has received one raffle ticket. Winners must be present to receive the prize.
17:50-17:55 Closing Remarks  閉会の辞          HUM 587
Frederik Green, Conference Co-Chair, San Francisco State University
17:55-18:00 Group Photo Session グループ写真撮影          HUM 587
----------------------------------------------------End of the Academic Program----------------------------------------
18:15-20:15 Reception (Buffet Dinner)         HUM 473
Please purchase a separate ticket to participate in the reception.
This is a great opportunity for networking.
Rolls & Butter
Market House Salad with Homemade Croutons and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Citrus Salmon
Blackened Flank Steak w/Demi-Glace
Chef's Choice Seasonal Vegetables
Wide Egg Noodles with Butter and Herbs
Mini Cheesecake Bites
Iced Tea and Water


For the 5th conference, please register online. The Early Bird registration period will end on March 15. Thereafter,
the regular registration fee will apply. You may also purchase tickets for bento lunch and the buffet dinner
For onsite registration on April 29, we can no longer accept cash payments. You will be asked to go to the Box
Office in the Creative Arts Building to purchase an Ocha Zanmai conference ticket. No bento lunch or the
reception tickets are available on April 29.

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Professor Midori McKeon
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(415) 338-1346