A Collective Memory: Cultural Identity of Persian Speakers

Thursday, April 16 - 3:00 am
Humanities Building, Room 587

A lecture by Mitra Ara, Ph.D. This talk will highlight Persian identity. Who are Persian speakers and whose identity are we discussing? The nature of cultural and national identities of Persian speaking peoples within Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and outside the borders of these countries has been a topic of intellectual debate and discussion for a few decades. Persian-speaking countries constitute highly diverse cultural areas with influences extending into Asia Minor, the Caucasus, South Asia, Central Asia, and China. In response to the challenges of globalization, where interconnections are increasingly complex and fluid, enhancing awareness of the peoples and cultures within and without these vitally important regions of the world is critical. The discussion will highlight this identity in cultural and historical perspectives and introduce the crises of ethnic identities among these people inside their ancestral homelands and also in the Diasporas.

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Persian Studies