Spanish Program

Program Coordinator: Michael Hammer,
Undergraduate Adviser (A-H): Gustavo Calderón,
Undergraduate Adviser (I-P): Michael Hammer,
Undergraduate Adviser (Q-Z): Ana Luengo Palomino,
Graduate Adviser: Gustavo Calderón,

The Spanish program offers a Bachelor of Arts, a minor, and a Master of Arts in Spanish. At the undergraduate level, the classes in linguistics, culture, and civilization are aimed at improving one’s understanding of the language and the people who speak it.

An ever increasing Spanish-speaking population has made Spanish the second most spoken language in the state of California and in other states of the Union. The study and knowledge of this language, therefore, offers career alternatives in practically all fields of work and is definitely an asset when seeking employment.

If you have questions about your ability to use the language in either writing or speaking, consult a member of the Spanish faculty for placement in the appropriate course.


Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.

Related Resources

B.A. in Spanish

The Spanish major consists of 30 units of upper division coursework. Up to 16 units of prerequisite coursework or demonstrated language proficiency is required to begin the major. All upper division courses are conducted in Spanish, and students are expected to use Spanish in their speaking, reading, and writing.

Minor in Spanish

The minor consists of 21 units, at least 18 of which must consist of upper division coursework. Up to 16 units of prerequisite coursework or demonstrated language proficiency is required to begin the minor.

M.A. in Spanish (Information for Applicants)

The Master of Arts Program in Spanish offers students a challenging and enriching course of studies that encompasses Spanish and Latin American literary and cultural studies, along with training in academic writing and linguistic and literary research methodologies. Over the course of their graduate studies in Spanish, students acquire in-depth knowledge of the literatures of the Spanish-speaking countries along with the critical skills for literary analysis. 

M.A. in Spanish (Advancement to Candidacy)

Students pursuing a Masters in Spanish must complete 30 units of graduate studies. At least 21 of these units must be at the graduate level. Up to 9 units of upper-division courses numbered 500 through 699 may be applied toward the Masters degree.

Graduate Study Checklist

Complete set of instructions for M.A. candidates regarding satisfying course requirements, completing the Culminating Experience, and applying for graduation. 

Exam Policy (Spanish)

Information regarding the M.A. Comprehensive Examinations taken to satisfy the Culminating Experience requirement, including written examinations and oral examinations.

Career Opportunities (Spanish)

  • International organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Bilingual/multilingual work
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Teacher

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