Russian Program

Undergraduate Adviser: Natalia Tkachov,

The Russian Program at SFSU has been in existence since 1953. The program offers courses in language acquisition, culture and literature. We offer exceptional opportunities for language study in small classes supported by cutting edge-technology in the newly refurbished Multi Media Language Lab and effective, enthusiastic personalized instruction. The program also offers opportunities to join our Russian club and participate in outings to Russian restaurants, view Russian films, attend social events organized by the Russian program on campus and in the Russian community. Extensive opportunities are available for exchange with conversation partners. Even without a formal arrangement, everything you learn in the classroom becomes current currency on the streets of San Francisco, a city with a highly visible Russian presence.

Related Resources

Heritage Learning

Beginning and advanced courses in Russian language are offered to native Russian speakers interested in reclaiming, developing and maintaining their primary language. Please contact us to schedule a placement test.

Russian Program Career Opportunities

A minor in Russian enhances most majors.

  • Interpreting and translating
  • Business
  • International relations
  • Criminal justice studies
  • Comparative and world literature
  • Drama, cinema and music
  • Journalism
  • Library work
  • Humanities and liberal studies
  • Jewish studies
  • Nursing
  • Social work
  • Hospitality

Russian Program Resources

Here is a list compiled of internships and links, including academic and nonacademic sites, that focus on research in Russian, East European and Eurasian studies.

Jobs and Volunteering

There are many volunteeer and job opportunities available.