Persian Program

Program Director and Advisor: Mitra Ara,


Founded in 2007, the Persian Studies Program at San Francisco State University is an academic resource for understanding, studying, and appreciating Persian cultural heritage belonging to a diverse ethnic collection of Afghanis, Armenians, Assyrians, Azeris, Baluchis, Gilakis, Kurds, Lors, Persians, Tajiks, Turks, and many others. This program allows students to explore Persian language, literature, arts, history, and culture in all its manifestations. It exposes students to a broadly defined vision that spans and includes the diverse geographic and linguistic landscape of both historic and modern Persianate societies.

Minor in Persian Studies

The multidisciplinary Minor in Persian Studies attracts students from a diverse variety of majors and interests that intersect with the broadly defined Persian Studies Program, including: Classics, Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Archaeology, History, Anthropology, Foreign Language pedagogy, Linguistics, Business, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Asian Studies, Political Science, International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, Journalism, Music, and Arts. The Minor program provides the opportunity to create an ideal environment that combines academic coursework for a highly diverse student body and cultural outreach programs responsive to supportive Persian speaking communities. This program would play a vital role as an educational resource and as an emissary of understanding between Persian speaking cultures and other societies.

Program Scope

The minor in Persian Studies is a multidisciplinary program for students seeking greater knowledge and understanding of Persian/Iranian language, culture, history, society, and politics from ancient to contemporary times. Especially when coupled with competence in the Persian language, the minor will be useful to students planning careers in such fields as university teaching, businesses of various sorts, international organizations, government agencies, and diplomatic service.

The minor consists of 18 units. A core of one 5-unit course and three 3-unit courses, or four 3-unit courses, and an elective group of two 3- or 4-unit courses will complete the minor, with at least one course focusing on Pre-Islamic periods (indicated by * in the list of courses below) and at least one course focusing on the Post-Islamic periods.

Minor Requirements

  1. Declare Persian Studies Minor
  2. View Current Course Descriptions
  3. Bulletin Description for the Minor in Persian Studies

Related Resources

Persian Learning Sources, News, Culture, & Events

Resources available for our students include the Foreign Language Laboratory, Graduate Reading Room, Chinese Reading Room and Toshiko Mishima Memorial Tea Room, and Persian Studies Center. The department also offers serveral links to helpful websites relating to your program of study.

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