Minor in Japanese

The Japanese minor consists of 23 units of lower and upper division coursework. Up to 10 units of prerequisite coursework or demonstrated language proficiency is required to begin the minor.
Upper-division courses in Japanese are generally conducted in Japanese, and students are expected to use Japanese in their speaking, reading, and writing.

Japanese, Minor — 23 units

Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses (20 units)

  • JAPN 103 Third Semester Japanese (5)
  • JAPN 250 Individualized Study of Kanji: Level 1
  • JAPN 301 Japanese Conversation
  • JAPN 302 Japanese Reading and Grammar
  • JAPN 305 Advanced Conversation and Composition I or JAPN 306 Advanced Conversation and Composition II
  • JAPN 309 Advanced Readings in Japanese

Upper-division electives (3 units)

on advisement
Individual student programs will be designed by an academic advisor, according to student's background and need.
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