Minor in Italian

Required Courses (15 units)
  • ITAL 305 Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • MLL 325 Linguistics for Foreign Languages
  • ITAL 401 Italian Culture and Civilization
  • ITAL 510 Italian Literature: Early Period
  • ITAL 511 Italian Literature: Late Period


Electives (6 units)

on advisement
Visit the current University Bulletin for complete course descriptions and class schedule.
Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated.
Most of our lower-division courses are offered during the morning; upper-division courses during the morning or early afternoon, and graduate seminars from 4:10 to 6:55 pm. First- and second-semester Italian courses are 5 units each.
All others are 3-unit courses, with the exception of our individual-study courses, which range from 1 to 3 units. All courses are conducted in Italian to offer students maximum exposure to the language.