M.A. in Modern European Languages and Literatures [coming soon]

The M.A. in Modern European Languages and Literatures (MELL) combines concentrated study of a single Romance or German Literature with in-depth training in Foreign Language Pedagogy and with interdisciplinary courses that compare Modern European literary and cultural traditions. Students choose an area of emphasis (a minimum of 15 units) in French, German, Italian, or Spanish, which, combined with the culminating experience, provides them with in-depth knowledge of a single tradition. The four areas of emphasis focus primarily on the study of literatures, languages and cultures of Western Europe and Latin America from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. The Program’s shared core consists of 9-15 units of coursework in graduate research methodology, Foreign Language pedagogy, and Sociolinguistics, along with cross-disciplinary electives. The Program aims to provide thorough, up-to-date and advanced education while also broadening cross-cultural study within and beyond the languages and literatures at its core.