Japanese Program

Program Coordinator: Masahiko Minami, mminami@sfsu.edu
Majors Adviser: Midori McKeon, mmckeon@sfsu.edu
Graduate Adviser and Minor Adviser: Makiko Asano, masano@sfsu.edu


The Japanese program offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (major in Japanese), minor in Japanese and the Master of Arts in Japanese. The program is ranked No. 2 among the “Most Popular Schools for Japanese Language and Literature” in the entire nation according to a study by StateUniversity.com.

The undergraduate Japanese program focuses on developing proficiency in the language in a sociocultrual context by offering a variety of language training courses and by conducting courses in culture, linguistics and literature in Japanese. In addition to the required coursework, students choose electives from a broad range of subjects, which include various courses in literature and culture as well as in translation, interpretation and business Japanese.

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Hiring Japanese Graduate Teaching Associates

The Japanese Program hires graduate teaching associates for the fall and spring semesters.  

The Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships

The Center for the Advancement of the Teaching of Japanese Language and Culture at San Francisco State University and the Japanese program invite applications for the 2001 Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships. Full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in the Japanese program are encouraged to apply.

Japanese Program Resources

Japanese Program learning resources, links and references.