French Program

Program Coordinator: Anne Linton,
Undergraduate Advisers: Berenice Le Marchand, (A-L), Anne Linton, (M-Z)
Graduate Adviser: Bérénice Le Marchand,




The French program offers a challenging and enriching experience for those who are interested not only in the French language but also in French culture and society.

We offer full-fledged Bachelor of Arts  and Master of Arts programs and focus on developing proficiency in the language in a sociocultural context by offering a variety of courses and by conducting courses in culture and literature in French. Great importance is placed on participatory classes, which are small and practice-oriented, to help students adapt themselves to a changing world. Excellent computer facilities and a multimedia center provide support for our educational program.

SF State is located in San Francisco, a cosmopolitan city with a large and active French community, which makes it a great place to study French. Students are also given a number of opportunities to study in France. Through the California State University’s international programs, selected students may study at Aix-en-Provence and in Paris. Such opportunities give students practical experience in everyday French life and culture, helping to build and reinforce these skills.

If you are an undergraduate student and wonder which class to take, you can take a placement test and see an adviser. Please contact an adviser for further details.

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Tenure-track position opportunities

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures seeks to fill an Assistant Professor position in Italian/German and an Assistant Professor of French, Specialization in 18th century French literature and culture. Read on for more details